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Last Updated: 7/21/01

How to use E-mail

E-mail is without a doubt the most popular Internet service.  What does it all mean?  First of all, the "e" stands for Electronic, thus it is said to be Electronic Mail or "E-mail" for short.

Every e-mail address has four different parts.  First, there is the person's name or nickname.  For example, WOW's e-mail address is The "info" part of the address is our nickname.  The second part of an e-mail address is the famous @ sign.  Anyone and everyone who has an e-mail address will have this famous sign.  The @ stands for "at"!  The third part of an e-mail address is the actually place the e-mail is being sent.  For example, WOW received their e-mail @ wowusa.  Lastly, all e-mail addresses end with a combination of letters such as, .com, .net, .edu.


Nickname:  info
Famous at sign:  @
Delivery location:  wowusa
Ending:  .com
Put it all together and you have: (send us an e-mail)


has put together instructions for setting up each of the separate email reader programs. Simply choose your email reader program from the list below. If you are using a third-party program, choose the All Other Email Programs link.
Netscape Navigator 3.x   forward
Netscape Communicator 4.x   forward
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x   forward
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x   forward
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x   forward
All Other Email Programs   forward

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