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Internet Slang
AOL: A value-added online service that provides many services in addition to Internet access.
BrowserA program that lets you read information on the World Wide Web.  For example, Internet Explorer or Netscape.
Domain:  Part of the official name of a computer on the Internet.  For example, Winners On Wheels Internet Domain is:
Download:  To copy a file from the Internet, "down" to your hard-drive.
E-mail:  Electronic messages that are sent via the Internet.
FAQ:  This stands for Frequently Asked Questions.
Favorites:  A list of files or web pages you plan to visit often.  For example, I hope the is one of your personal favorites!
Gif:  A type of graphic file that stands for Graphics Interchange Format.
HTML:  The language used to write webpages for the World Wide Web.  This stands for:  Hypertext Markup Language.
Internet:  All the computers that are connected together into an amazingly huge global network so that they can talk to each other.
Internet Explorer:  A web browser promoted by Microsoft.
JPEG:  A type of graphic file that stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.  (Jpeg and gif are the most commonly used graphics used online)
Links:  A way in which people jump around from different pages online.  Most often links appear as different colors or are underlined.
LogoStyle of type or design used as 'trade mark' by a company.
Meta Tags:  Tags placed at the top of the page giving title, keywords and short description of content in html, to be read by Search Engine spiders or robots, makes your page easier to search.
Modem:  Modulator, Demodulator. A device that you connect to your computer and to a phone line to allow the computer to talk to other computers through the phone system. Modems convert the computer's digital signals into analog waves that can be transmitted over standard voice telephone lines. Modem speeds are measured in bits per second (bps)--also sometimes expressed as Kilobits (thousands of bits) per second. For example, 28.8 Kbps and 28,800 bps are the same thing--28,800 bits per second.
NetworkAny time you connect two or more computers together so they can share resources, you have a computer network. Connect two or more networks together and you have an internet (small "i").
OfflineThis is working on a computer that is currently not connected to the Internet.
Online:  This is working on a computer that is currently connected to the Internet.
Web:  An abbreviated term for the World Wide Web.
Websites:  A collection of html files, graphic files and any other file types that are supported by the World Wide Web that can be viewed by using a World Wide Web browser.

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