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Last Updated: 3/11/01


Each and every page in a website, including the home page, has it's very own address, called a Universal Resource Locater, better know as a URL. (The URL for WOW's WEBSITE is   You have probably begun to see a lot of URLs in the past year or so on TV and in magazines. Knowing a URL for a particular page will always allow you to find that page without searching for it first. You can give a URL to your friend across the street or across the ocean, and they both should be able to find the same information that you did just by knowing a website URL. It is just like a postal address or telephone number. You can type a URL into the white space or "LOCATION FIELD" at the top of your browser. Then hit your return key and you will be transferred to that website page.   Make sure you type it in exactly as you see it without any spaces and be sure to include the : and the /' s. Browsers are very sensitive, and like phone numbers, if you do not type in the URL correctly, it will not work.

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